Pepsi Music Academy Naija is a music education program and talent accelerator that gives participants the opportunity to learn the 360° of music from established industry professionals.

We believe that there is more to music:

  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • A&R
  • Licensing & Sync
  • Media Publishing
  • Touring
  • Accounting

and so much more…

This edition of the Pepsi Music Academy Naija is designed to remove industry barriers, create new opportunities for upcoming artistes, and shine a spotlight on the next generation of Naija music superstars through a 10-day academy summit.

Thirty shortlisted artistes would be selected from amongst the entries by a faculty of judges, and would qualify to be a part of the Pepsi Music Academy Naija Summit, a 10-day summit.

Pepsi Nigeria is in partnership with EMPIRE and legendary producers Masterkraft, Sarz, P-Priime, and Blaisebeatz to work with three up-and-coming Naija artistes that will emerge from the Pepsi Music Academy Naija summit by random selection.

From this 10-day summit, three finalists will emerge from a draw with each of the three finalists going on to have an original long play (LP) album fully mixed, mastered, and produced by 4 superstar music producers. Each LP will be sponsored, released, and promoted by Pepsi and EMPIRE.

Pepsi Music Academy Naija in partnership with EMPIRE debuts in Naija this year using the brand’s rich legacy in the music and entertainment industry to provide resources and opportunities for budding and emerging music artists from across the country.